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Reserve Textbooks Directory: HISTORY

Dr. Grove

  • The Information-Literate Historian
  • The Princeton Guide to Historical Research
  • The Historian's Toolbox
  • 1493- Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
  • Generations of Captivity
  • Doing Oral History

Dr. Fulwider

  • The Making of the West
  • Western Civilization: A Brief History
  • Europe and the Making of Modernity
  • Cafe Europa: Life After Communism
  • A History of Modern Europe
  • A Pocket Guide to Writing in History 7th Ed.
  • Louis XIV and Absolutism
  • The Long Reformation
  • Protestants: The Birth of Revolution
  • The People of the British Isles
  • The Kingdom of Auschwitz
  • The Nineteenth Century 1784-1914
  • The Return of Martin Guerre (2 copies)
  • The Enlightenment (2 copies)
  • Women in the Nineteenth Century Europe
  • Sources of Making the West
  • The European Colonial Empires 1815-1919
  • DVDs- Mystery of the Black Death & The Return of Martin Guerre
  • July 1914